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The Best Kept Secret

Over the years you have seen several different articles from TMA about the value of delivering grain to your local elevator. We have emphasized the customer service you receive and how delivering grain to your local cooperative helps support the local communities. We have also emphasized the fact that the cooperatives in south central Kansas are reinvesting in their infrastructure to meet the needs of the producer. What we realize we hadn’t explained was the earning potential you have with your local cooperative that you don’t have with other grain handling companies.

It is the job of the elevator system to provide a competitive price for producers to sell their grain. Once the producer has sold his or her grain, they receive a check and begin focusing on the growing and marketing of their next crop. One of the best kept secrets of the cooperative system is the additional gains that can be earned by the producer after the sale.

Just like our producers who try and maximize their farm’s yield potential, TMA strives to maximize its earning potential on every bushel of grain that we handle. This doesn’t mean that we just pay less than anybody else for grain. What it does mean is that TMA will hold grain until the market says it’s time to sell. The merchandising gains earned by TMA are passed back to its member/owners in the form of patronage. While all merchandising companies can earn these gains, only the cooperative system returns those earning back to its members. Aren’t you glad we share that secret with you?